Who We Are.

A smart company, with smart solutions, built on a foundation of hard work, integrity, and customer service.

Founded in 2007, AEi is a management consulting, and technology firm that partners with clients from the private, public, and non-profit sectors to help them address their most critical challenges. Our vision is to become the go to ‘A’ team for clients that need help making better decisions, converting those decisions to actions, and delivering successful and sustainable results.

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Experience the AEi Difference

It is unusual to find a small business partner that represents the qualities usually associated with a business ten times its size. Process, performance metrics, standards, and risk management; these qualities are one of the reasons why we have experienced dramatic growth and tremendous success since our inception in 2007.

An Agile Approach to Industry Standards and Best Practices

“In the next hour, in the next day, in the next month, in the next year, what can we do to continue to be the best at supporting our customers.” ~ Jenna Reese, President and CEO, AEi International

CMMI, ISO, Lean, Six Sigma, PMI, and Agile represent the industry’s most recognized standards of excellence, best practices, and principles. Countless organizations have provided invaluable lessons learned to support the development of these practices and we believe in developing solutions that leverage this experience. From the expertise we provide, to the solutions that we recommend, this concept of learning from the best is an integral part in all that we do.

It's about Customer Service

From the way we consult with our clients, to the availability of our team members. We define customer service as being there when you need us, with a consultative approach, the right questions and solutions, and a friendly attitude. Customer Service is our belief in putting The Human Element back into work. Let’s make a difference together.

The Final Piece of the Puzzle

People. At the heart of everything we do is our genuine concern, and understanding of the importance of people. We understand that the great work we do is predicated on the way we treat our people and represent the customers that have trusted us. “Lasting Friendships” is a core part of our mantra because we believe that people are happier and work harder when they work and collaborate with people they like. This mantra is something that is not only said, but practiced, and can be seen by the countless friendships that have remained over the years.

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Who We Serve

We bring deep expertise to a broad constituency of clients.


AEi leaders have more than 100 years of combined experience.


AEi holds three important small business designations.


We are committed to making a positive difference.